Marine AUDIO

Source Units

For optimal audio performance on your boat, a clean signal is paramount. Purpose-built source units deliver this essential element, ensuring an exciting audio experience. These meticulously engineered units are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment, guaranteeing lasting performance.


Forget choppy tunes on choppy waters. Marine speakers, specifically engineered to brave the elements, deliver superior audio on your boat. Built with water-resistant, salt-proof, and UV-resistant materials, these sound warriors withstand the harshest environments, season after season. Choose from various sizes and power options to create your perfect soundscape, with coaxial systems offering balanced audio or horn-loaded tweeters projecting sound further. Whether you’re cruising solo or blasting tunes with a crew, marine speakers are a reliable investment in lasting onboard entertainment.


Marine amplifiers, essential for driving high-quality marine speakers, ensure crisp and distortion-free audio output. These amplifiers often include practical features like adjustable crossover settings and equalization controls. Investing in a marine amplifier significantly elevates the audio performance of a marine sound system, delivering a dependable and top-tier audio experience while out on the water


Marine subwoofers are specialized to deliver powerful, clean bass that are built with marine-grade components, that withstand water, salt and extreme temps. A boat produces a large amount of low frequency noise, which full range speakers can’t overcome. Adding a subwoofer gives you a cleaner low end sound that completes the audio experience.

Tower Speakers

Tower speakers are powerful speakers specifically designed to be mounted on the wakeboard tower of a boat. These towers are typically tall structures that rise above the boat, allowing the speakers to project sound over a wider area and avoid interference from passengers or other objects on the deck.


What is a DSP and why should I have one installed in my car?

A DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is a powerful device that allows us to finely tune your vehicle’s audio signals. Boasting features such as time alignment and advanced equalizers, a DSP can make a massive difference in sound quality and we strongly recommend them for anyone looking to improve their system.

In many cases, yes! The above mentioned DSP can be a very useful tool here allowing us to de-equalize the factory radios signal, providing us with a flat, full range signal to feed into aftermarket amplifiers.

Yes! We offer many products from leading sound deadening brands such as Dynamat, Blackhole, and Soundshield which, when applied properly, can provide a significant reduction in cabin noise.

We can help with that too! We suggest stopping by the shop so one of our employees can discuss solutions with you.

We offer a large variety of audio brands for you to choose from. Some examples include Alpine, Focal, Kenwood, Rockford Fosgate, Mosconi, JL Audio, Stinger, and many others. If you’re interested in a specific brand of equipment, give us a call and we can explore availability!

Absolutely! We can source upgraded electrical components such as high output alternators, and larger AGM or lithium batteries for many different applications. Please call us to see what options are available for your vehicle.

Regardless of what you drive, we have a solution for you! Modern amplifier design allows for very efficient and compact designs. Pair that with a shallow mount subwoofer (or 3) and we can improve your sound without taking up much space.

Yes we can! We have done numerous builds in fully electric and hybrid vehicles with excellent results. Stop by our shop to get your new build started!

We offer dash cameras from Alpine, Momento, and Drone. Additional options include interior and rear facing cameras to maximize your protection.

We do! We sell and install radar detectors from K40 and Escort. Please stop by the shop with questions about specific models and options.

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